Our guest

The atmosphere that is created around such an impressive and historically interesting monument is magical, but there is also something special, hidden in the Torone Tower that attracts tourists, namely, our most welcome guest.

Every year, from May to the end of July, the tower is usually visited by a magic “tenant”, a creature that has always been considered the most important symbol of the night- an owl.

torre torone ospite

In this photo you can see our little guests inhabiting one of the holes formed from time in the tower. These owls are the real guardians of the Torone tower and good friends of the whole hill and Via Torone.

The Owls

Their deep breathing in the first minutes surprises and scares new and unsuspecting tourists and guests of neighboring houses, but then it becomes a special sound that makes the night atmosphere near the tower truly magical and unique. But the real surprise for tourists is the  moment of the owl’s flight, when the night bird shows off its mighty wings. A small owl has a body size of only 30-35 cm, but its wingspan often exceeds it four times. Seeing how it flies in the dark night skies is something magical and unique that remains imprinted in the memory of any person for many years, and the hunting cry of a bird undoubtedly makes an indelible impression. So, if you find yourself on an island between the end of May and the beginning of July, be sure to visit the magnificent Torone Tower in the evening to see its mysterious guests.

Not only rhe owls inhabit the tower…there is also a mysterious guest…to find out more about him read The story of the Torone Tower.

Il nostro ospite